Author: agent Paranyushkin

Cognitive Stimulants

Cognitive stimulant is a name for entities, music pieces, artworks, texts, software, products, ideas — anything that is not a pharmaceutical product — that has the capacity to stimulate imagination, perception, and thinking and shift it to a different perspective, at least for some moment of time. A good example is a song that gives you shivers. Or a book that changed your life. It could also be an artwork that puts you in a different state, so that when you come out from the gallery, you feel differently, as if wearing invisible glasses that warp your sense of reality. Instagram is also a cognitive stimulant, but it's not made like artwork, so everyone chooses the stimulants that work for them, hoping that they follow their own intention and not some general outside agenda that doesn't take into consideration the whole ecology of the situation. To think of immaterial and material products...

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