About & Bio


My main interest is to invent instruments, frameworks, experiences, sounds, and visuals that open up perception and imagination, providing the time and space for gaps, contradictions, allusions, and fantasies to emerge. I believe it’s important to disrupt the habitual order of things to centralize, grow, and take over with processes and practices that are more ecological at their core. This way, we can not only oppose totalitarianism and avert self-destruction, but also build a world that is more diverse, polysingular, fluid, and, thus, more resilient, which can only be good for life itself.

In my work, I combine mathematics, physics, biology, entrepreneurship, art, dance, and performance because I like to imagine things, but I also like to implement them into reality so that they become part of our daily practices and form temporary alternative cultures. There is a reciprocal relationship between the natural and the artificial (physics and art) — we evolve because we mutate, but if we mutate too much or if we don’t change at all, we reach a dead end. I find the aesthetic, theoretical, and practical implications of this feedback loop very interesting.

My recent projects include the InfraNodus system for extracting insights from texts and the EightOS bodymind operating system – a pedagogical methodology and physical practice based on the embodied experience of technological metaphors. I am also co-founder of Circadian, a publishing house that publishes books on artistic practices.


I was born in Moscow in 1981, left to explore the rest of the world in 2001 and currently live in Paris. I have a BA in Economics and Math (Lomonosov’s Moscow State University, Economics Faculty, 2003) and an MA in Life Sciences, Biology and Technology (Paris Diderot VII, Centre de Recherches Interdisciplinaires, 2014).

During my life, since I was a child, I had a chance to try every possible profession and role: from a street seller and a real estate agent to a performance artist and scientist. I find great pleasure in traveling across different realities and immersing myself deeply in them to experience what it’s like to exist otherwise. For a few years now, I’ve settled on a combination that doesn’t really have a name, but includes software development, movement practice, artistic exploration, scientific research, and entrepreneurship — at least, that’s what I do most of my time.

On this website, I lay out some threads, which you are invited to follow, unfold, and weave into your own narratives. I will also be very happy to talk, so we can discuss further and explore together.

Photos by Juan Saez and Vladimir Paranyushkin