Circadian Press is a publishing house founded by Dmitry Paranyushkin and Diego Agullo in 2017. In 2019, Noam Assayag also joined our team.

We focus on books that bring the word into action. Works that present both the practice and concrete ways of inscribing it into the real. Some books can take shape of a manual, and some may be more poetic, but in every book, readers should find concrete ways to try out a version of reality they propose by themselves.

Most of the Circadian books are written by people who have a very specific practice and who are interested to share it with the world. When we select the authors to publish, we do not look for self-help books or manuals on how to improve ourselves. Rather, we’re interested in the books that our readers can use to explore themselves and to make their lives more interesting or even more complicated. We want books that enable the readers to try out another perspective and enact a different version of themselves. That’s why most of the books have a strong relation to artistic practices, however, we are open to publishing books by insurance agents, lawyers, and bus drivers as long as they are willing to share whatever it is that is special in what they do in a way that could be replicated by others.

Another important aspect of Circadian is that we organize public events where the books and the practices contained within are brought to life. Those live events create opportunities to activate the content of the books and to create a social gathering where an exchange may occur and where the word becomes action and can also have a binding potential. Many such presentations also have a performative aspect in order to engage the audience not only intellectually but also in a visceral and aesthetic way.

Circadian’s economical model is non-profit. Every publication is financed by the previous ones. We ask the authors to contribute a certain percentage of their proceedings to enable future books. In that way, all those different books and practices help each other exist and support each other creating a viable economic model for small-print editions.

Every book is added to Circadian’s knowledge base, which operates on the basis of InfraNodus. This enables us to see how the different practices connect and to explore various points of tension / synergy, which can be used to develop those practices further and to create links between the practitioners.

Created By

Dmitry Paranyushkin, Diego Agullo, Noam Assayag


Years Active

2017 – present


Presented In

Miss Read, Hopscotch (Germany), Athens Book Festival (Greece)

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