Curriculum Vitae

Curriculum Vitae

Please, open the following Google Doc document to see the most up-to-date list of activities I was engaged with in chronological order:

Dmitry Paranyushkin’s CV

Current Projects:

Research lab: Nodus Labs
Cognitive reconfiguration tool: InfraNodus
Embodied operating system: ∞OS [EightOS]
Words into action: Circadian

Selected Presentations:

2022 / Martin Gropius Bau: Selfsense
2021 / Galerie Wedding: Solo exhibition “Cross-Contextual Confluence”
2021 / Margin Gropius Bau: EightOS
2021 / Gwangju Biennale: Confluence AI
2020 / Kunsthalle der Bundesrepublik Deutschland: EightOS Sessions
2019 / Milano Trienniale: EightOS / Workshops and Live Music Sessions
2019 / V-A-C Venice: EightOS / Modular Synthesis
2019 / World Wide Web Conference: InfraNodus / Methodology Presentation
2018 / CCC: InfraNodus / Insight Generation
2018 / Palais de Tokyo: EightOS + Local Prophets
2018 / Hyperwerk: EightOS / Organizational Dynamics Workshop
2018 / Martin Gropis Bau: EightOS / Hidden Agency (auch auf MGB website)
2017 / 3AM: Circadian
2012 / re:publica: Nodus Labs / Information Epidemics

Selected Books:

The Conversation Book (Circadian, 2021)
The Flow and the Notion (Circadian, 2019)
Руко~водство для Спецагентов (Circadian, 2018)
Special Agent’s Manual (Circadian, 2017)
Way to Russia Guidance (WayToRussia.Net, 2014)
Divinatory Recommender Systems (Nodus Labs, 2015)
Polysingularity Letters, vol. 3 (Polysingularity, 2012)
Interviews with Artificial Artificial Intelligence (PLAYBerlin, 2011)

Selected Publications:

Mind Viral Immunity (Hackernoon, 2020)
Bodymind Operating Systems (Hackernoon, 2019)
Unfathomable Loneliness (Polysingularity, 2016)
Measuring Discourse Bias using Network Analysis (Towards Data Science, 2018)
InfraNodus: Generating Insight using Text Network Analysis (World Wide Web Conference, 2019)
Does Software Need to Solve Problems? (Hackernoon, 2020)
The Magic of Feedback Loops or AI Takes Over (Hackernoon, 2020)
Sovereignty (Polysingularity, 2013)
From Cognitive Interfaces to Transcendental Protocols (Nodus Labs, 2014)


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