Bodymind Operating Systems @ Chaos Computer Club Conference | 12/2018

Chaos Communication Congress (CCC) is one of the biggest events on computer security and privacy started at 1984 and hosting about 20000 people every year. It attracts computer science professionals, software developers, hackers and activists from around the world.

At #35C3 which took place in Leipzig between the 27 and 30th of December 2018 I delivered a talk (see below) on Bodymind Operating Systems (see the description and the slides on C2L website). I also presented the metaphor of an operating system in relation to our psyche and to our body, proposing to question the “software” we run as human beings (as much as we question the proprietary software that is run by our devices).

I also hosted several physical practice workshops where we explored the notions often used in hacking — resilience, infiltration, firewall — from the perspective of the body. How we can build resilience in our interactions with the others and our environment? What does it mean to infiltrate? What are the different strategies to do so physically and how can we resist infiltration? You can learn more about the session on the 35C2 wiki page.

I also gave a presentation on InfraNodus — Insight Generation Tool as well as present a series of workshops on text network analysis and cognitive stimulation software.

Here’s a video of the presentation:

The presentation was followed by a self-organized session on cognitive interfaces, where I was talking about the software that can be used to alter our perception and propose different ways of looking at the world. Using the example of InfraNodus, I invited the participants to see such tools can be used to generate gaps in ideas in order to question perspectives and connect existing concepts in a new way.

See more information about the workshop on the 35c2 website.