InfraNodus @ Internet | 05/2023

During the spring of 2023, I’ve been working on developing the AI module inside InfraNodus. My focus was on helping it avoid coming up with generic questions and developing a version of AI that could help people explore the hidden parts of any discourse, beyond the periphery of the knowledge, helping to fill the gaps between ideas.

Most of the existing tools, like ChatGPT and others, are too focused on providing a concrete answer, which is often reductive and touches upon the main ideas. I thought it would be a pity if AI is used to come up with the most predictable things. My interest was to make it come up with unpredictable, help us stimulate our imagination in the directions we would not normally take. So my intention was to develop a tool that would combine data science and visualization with AI so that the users of InfraNodus could use a knowledge graph to make their conversations with AI more interesting and diverse.

This work culminated in adding AI-powered features to InfraNodus and creating a series of videos that demonstrate the potential of this approach.