Mattang @ La Maison Forte | 06/2022

La Maison Forte is an organization in South France dedicated to the cultural and economic development of rural territories. They approached me in 2021 to work together on analyzing the problems and needs of the people who live in the region using the research methodology of InfraNodus, the tool that I’ve been developing.

We decided to use InfraNodus to create cartography for new ideas and possibilities in the region. In the frame of this project, called Mattang, La Maison Forte conducted interviews with 50 inhabitants of the region. We then processed those interviews using InfraNodus to extract the main topics: what people like, the problems they experience, things that could be improved. We used the built-in structural gap detection to detect possible new ideas that we could propose back to the community based on this collective discourse — bridging the different topics that came up during conversations in new ways.

As a result, text visualization and AI were used to diagnose the collective sentiment and to propose concrete actionable and creative solutions that could help enhance the positive aspects and transform the negative aspects that were discovered during this research. A live presentation was made during the local gathering event at La Maison Forte.

More information can be found on La Maison Forte’s website: