EightOS @ V-A-C Venice | 06/2019

During the Venice Biennale 2019, we presented our work at V-A-C Foundation. The core of the presentation was the EightOS approach and its extrapolation both into physical movement and into sound.

We were interested to invite the participants to explore the notions of confluence in various settings: ranging from Venice streets to public gyms, museum spaces, nature, and beaches. Using the principles from modular synthesis and music-making we invited the participants to explore the aesthetics of confluence both on the level of the body and of the sound.

An immersive sound installation by OS/X.Y. with eight speakers was used to create a dynamic environment in a reciprocal feedback loop with the music.

You can read more about these sessions in our report on the EightOS website. Here are some photos and videos from these events.

Video by Mateo Stocco and Dmitry Paranyushkin / VAC, EightOS

Video by Dmitry Paranyushkin / EightOS

Photos by Marco Franceschin