Bodymind Operating Systems

Bodymind Operating Systems research and proposal. First published on Nodus Labs in 2016. The most recent update of the proposal is available in Hackernoon journal.

In this metaphor, the body is the hardware; our habits, patterns of behavior are the software. The proposal to think of bodymind as an operating system is an invitation to bring open-source mentality and practices to the way we perceive and use our body and mind.

The phrase itself came to me when I was at a Vipassana meditation retreat in 2013. While I was meditating, I was realizing the body was a site for all kinds of memories and patterns that are stored on the level of sensations and reflexes. We have no language, but we do have feelings and sensations. I had an idea that we could explore and reprogram those through movement and physical practice, just like we can inspect and rewrite software code.


August 17, 2016




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