CIRCADIAN is a nonprofit publishing house that we founded together with Diego Agullo in 2017. In 2020, Noam Assayag joined our team.

Our mission is to inscribe the imaginary into the real: we only publish books that call the reader to action, this is why we also produce events that provide a context for the books to be practiced and to come to life.

Every publication we do must be concerned with proposing ways of stimulating embodiment and bridging the content of the book into the reader’s experience. A book then becomes the source code for an operating system that can be tried on by anybody who’s interested to expand their capacity to act.

Every author collaborating with us will decide their own particular way of bringing ideas into action. For example, daily rituals, set of exercises, daily practices, training methods, methodologies, scores, instructions, directives, handbooks, guide books, protocols, manuals, games, experiments, and performances, which will also be realized in the frame of events with the audience.

Every release of CIRCADIAN ignites circulation between theory and practice in both directions, developing private ethics, embodying value systems, and exercising mindsets.

The books that we publish support each other: our system of distribution of income gives priority to release a new book. When you buy one of our books you are directly financing one of the books from our waiting list. You can follow this process at any time and check the status of our crowdfunding campaigns online.

Photos below by Dajana Lothert and Nella Bikhmurzina


December 27, 2017




Diego Agullo, Noam Assayag


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