Dreaming is a way for unconscious to express itself. Dream interpretation is based on analyzing the symbols and the connections between them. Dreams.Network is a tool, methodology, and an app that is designed especially for that.

In order to use it, write down the scenes from your dream. The automatic text network algorithm will visualize it as a network of interconnected concepts. The structure of the dreams will emerge gradually, revealing connections between different symbols and offering new interpretations and perspectives. Becoming aware of these connections can also help towards lucid dreaming.

Try it online on http://dreaming.network  (you might need an invitation code to create an account, which you can get on in our online shop).


December 21, 2014


dreams, interface, people, reality, software

Mission Objective

Interpretation of dreams and lucid dream~weaving

Active During

2015 - present


special agent Paranyushkin, special agent Shalom

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