Flow Shapes Substance

A video installation (loop) on the nature of entropy and time flow. Filmed on location in Madeira in 2016.

I always found it fascinating to watch the water. Not only has it something very organic about it, but it also has the potential to change any substance it comes into contact with. As time flows, the matter becomes transformed and starts to have traces of the encounter with water.  Gradually, as more time passes by, water will wash away any substance and dissolve it into small random particles, giving the way to entropy from which something new can emerge.

The sound of water is often associated with so-called pink and brown noise, which has fractal properties. In the context of music, fractals emerge when there is a repetition at different scales: frequency oscillations observed over short time periods have a similar structure to those observed over long time periods. This indicates that there are multiple complex processes and interactions at play at different time scales. Noise, therefore, becomes a sign of complexity. Yet, white noise is a sign of randomness, ultimate entropy, which can be interpreted as the highest level of complexity or no complexity at all.


April 25, 2016




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