Inclusive Exclusivity

In this research, I presented a concept of inclusive exclusivity: a practical approach to be implemented in social networks to keep them mobilized and active while also being adaptive and open to self-renewal.

I used the example of PAF – an open organization Performing Arts Forum, which was a loose networks of artists, philosophers, and scientists active from about 2006-2008 with annual gatherings in France at the PAF building. At the time, I was inspired by its open dynamics but also saw some pathological tendencies within. This approach was to model an upgrade to the existing PAF network using the social sciences and network theory methodologies.

My proposal was based on creating a network that is inclusive in that it is open to new participants while also maintaining a certain level of exclusivity. This exclusivity can be practiced in several ways: maintaining barriers of entry while also expelling some members to the periphery (or them removing themselves voluntarily) in order to give space for the new members to come into the center and become temporary influential hubs. Later I found a lot of similarities to this concept in the notion of holocracy, which uses rotating role-based social organization to achieve similar results.


July 28, 2011

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