InfraNodus, version 1

InfraNodus is a tool, framework and methodology for text network visualization. It can be used to enhance memory and cognitive capacities, conduct interviews, psychotherapy sessions and to link interrelated ideas and share them with others.

InfraNodus was developed by special agency Nodus Labs and is an open-source free tool with an API, so the algorithms powering it can be used and expanded by other applications.

Read introduction about InfraNodus and check out specific applications for organizing research notes, conference topics profiling, and memory enhancement.


April 21, 2014


interface, language, networks, software, text

Mission Objective

Cognitive enhancement methodology, framework, and tool

Active During

2014 - present


special agent Paranyushkin, special thanks to special agent Jacomy, Centre de Recherches Interdisciplinaires, special agent Garbash


Active, Digital, Discourse, Featured, Framework, Methodology, System, Tool