Interviews with Artificial Artificial Intelligence

Recommender systems – the basic building block of any website today – determine the news we see, the posts we read, the products we buy, the music we listen to. Most of the time the algorithm behind those systems evaluates what it already knows about us in order to recommend something we might be interested in.

In order to study this new emerging form of consciousness we decided to have an interaction with it in the form of an interview. The striking result is that there is a certain very specific narrative and even an ideological stance that this artificial intelligence takes: a person wearing a dirty shoe needs a new clean cheap shoe; somebody smoking rolling tobacco needs rolling papers; a picture of a body part calls for a set of barbells to make it look better and stronger…

After this initial encounter with the newly emerging machine logic of constant self-improvement, we started experimenting with strategies that could circumvent it and – ironically – CAPTCHA-like obfuscated messages and art are the only domains where it (still) fails…


November 21, 2011


art, artificial intelligence, book, digital

Mission Objective

To discover the strategies to circumvent recommender algorithms and digitally-aided "singular" artificial intelligence.


coproduced by Beurschouwburg (Brussels), supported by Motto Distribution

Presented In

2013, Beurschouwburg


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