Nodus Labs

Nodus Labs is a research lab that I set up to facilitate my work in scientific and technological contexts.

Nodus Labs produces research and interactive situations that bridge sociology, network science, life sciences and arts, as well as the tools and practices to enhance comprehension, perception and learning.

One of the special features of Nodus Labs projects is that I actively used live performance as a medium for exploring various scientific concepts. For example, many of the experiments conducted in the frame of Nodus Labs’ research would be actualized as live immersive performances in the context of my arts practice.

Nodus Labs’ work was presented in multiple venues: from re:publica conference in Berlin to Skogen workshops in Sweden. The works by Nodus Labs on network analysis are cited by researchers worldwide.

Among the most recent Nodus Labs projects is InfraNodus – the cognitive reconfiguration tool, Dreams.Network – the dreams network interpretation system, Divinatorium – a divinatory recommender and content management system based on abstracted divinatory practices (in the works).


April 28, 2011


discourse, networks, research, society, software

Mission Objective

To build tools and create situations that enhance cognitive and perceptual capacities.

Active During

2009 - present


Dmitry Paranyushkin

Special Thanks

Gabriel Shalom, Diego Agulló, Alexis Jacomy, Dor Garbash, Sebastien Heymann, Gephi Consortium, re:publica Conference, Agora Collective, a.pass, Les Ballets C de la B, PAF


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