Polysingularity, version 1

Polysingularity is a practice of variability through somacognitive reconfiguration, or – to put it simply – a practice of taking multiple different simultaneous points of view. It is comprised of a set of methodologies, tools, and cultural artefacts, designed to induce altered mental and physical states. These states produce the conditions for non-equilibrium metastable dynamics to emerge on all levels: from individual perception, to intersubjective relations, to one’s interactions with the environment.

I developed this concept in 2012 and it was first communicated through the Polysingularity blog,  scientific works via Nodus Labs, physical practices, as well as booksonline publications, and software tools. For instance, a popular text network analysis algorithm developed on the basis Polysingularity is now used by thousands of researchers worldwide to offer a different perspective on textual data via InfraNodus data science tool, as well as in data-driven psychotherapeutic practices. EightOS practice is largely influenced by the concept of polysingularity and its fractal variability approach is a representation of Polysingularity in the dimension of time.


June 21, 2012


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Mission Objective

Finding mutually exclusive solutions through the practice of adaptation to the environment

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2012 - present


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