Textexture was the first software iteration of the text network analysis tool that I created between 2011 and 2012.

It was a simple online service that could translate any text into network and unfold rhizomatic texture of narrative.

My original interest was more focused on visualizations that could be produced (which also gave birth to the Text Atlas project), as I was really fascinated with the idea of a narrative as a sculpture. So I created Textexture first as an art project, producing these visualizations.

However, I quickly saw how Textexture could also be used for practical purposes, such as analyzing text, deriving meaning, and enhancing the reading and writing processes, so I also made a version of the tool that could be useful for writers and researchers.

After a few iterations, Textexture transformed into InfraNodus, which is one of the main projects I’m working on since 2012.


July 2, 2012




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