The Flow and the Notion

In 2019, together with a visual artist Anastasia Pilepchuk, we published a book at Circadian Press. This book is comprised of my texts and her drawings, created between 2012 and 2018. All the images and texts are intimately related, providing an account of our mutually-inspired practices. Normally, I would write a text and Anastasia would draw an image as a response (not always a reflection) to that text or the other way around. Anastasia’s drawings are inspired by natural patterns and feelings and they resonate deeply with the content of my writings, where I represent internal change as a non-equilibrium variable defined by the natural dynamics around us.

Circadian seemed like a very suitable place to publish this book because of its accent on relaying artistic practices in practical ways. The book comes with an introduction where we detail our approach to mutual work and inspiration shaped in a form of a poetic manual, which can be used by the readers to engage into a similar kind of dynamics with their partner or collabortor.

From the Circadian website:

This is a book on giving a voice to the streams, letting the streams take you with them, taking the streams with you, sharing discoveries along the way, filling in the blanks, creating the new empty spaces, and establishing a common practice with somebody you love.

It is comprised of the drawings made by Anastasia Pilepchuk and the texts written by Dmitry Paranyushkin during the last 6 years. We found that our approaches were somewhat complimentary: constructing the whole from the parts, creating multiple threads of meaning, bringing them together to form the new shapes and ideas that are polysingular at their core. We put it together as this book on Circadian, adding a short manual on establishing common practice at the introduction.


January 2, 2019



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