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EightOS x Ama @ Gropius Bau | 11/2021

In November 2021, we hosted a series of EightOS workshops in the context of Ama: Care, Repair, Healing exhibition at Martin Gropius Bau. Our objective was to explore the topics of this exhibition through touch, inviting the participants to create a participatory immersive environment for embodied learning. Every day was planned around a specific concept that approached the main topics of the exhibition from a certain perspective. Together with NSDOS, we created a generative soundscape that used our own and the participants' movements to change the sonic atmosphere in the space. This was the first time we tried our newly developed Tripod WiFi motion tracking sensors in a public setting. Our intention was to see how we can transmit ideas through physical interaction, experimenting with the concepts of care, repair, and healing — as well as the more general concepts, such as resilience and regeneration — on the level of a temporary...

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