In this work, Dmitry Paranyushkin and Kirikoo Des develop the choreographic concepts based on their EightOS practice. They are exploring the traces of the movements their bodies leave on and inside each other, conjuring them as they disappear into memory or into a different time and space.

Filmed by Ivan Rubio the video below is an excerpt from this work.

Film by Ivan Rubio
Performers & Concept: Dmitry Paranyushkin, Kirikoo Des
Editors: Ivan Rubio, Dmitry Paranyushkin
Sound: Ivan Rubio
Visual Effects and Color Correction: Patrick Doan
Choreography: Koo Des, Dmitry Paranyushkin
Production Assistant: Anna Shapkina

Our bodies are shaped and conditioned by the physical contact that we experience through our interactions with others, various practices, and daily life within our environment and space. Even when another body is gone, the traces of that interaction will still remain through the physical and behavioral imprints, patterns of behavior that we carry with us. Physical practice, therefore, can be seen as a vessel for storing and transferring habits, knowledge, and information through our society but also through space, time, and generations. What is then left in the body when it is left alone?


February 6, 2020




Kirikoo Des, Ivan Rubio, Anna Shapkina


Active, Dance, Featured, Medium, Performance, Type, Urgency, Visual