Special Agency

Special Agency is a production agency I created in 2016. Its main objective was to produce works and events that operate in the framework of venture fiction and cognitive stimulants.

Venture fiction is a term used to describe high-risk enterprises which are created with the objective to inscribe the imaginary into real. Just like venture capital which seeks to invest capital in expectation of a higher return, venture fiction invests ideas and fiction into the world with a hope that even more will come back. Venture fiction enterprises produce cognitive stimulants: things and events that alter perception and produce alternative versions of reality.

The name, Special Agency, is a take on the terms “species” — belonging to species, but also being “special” (different and yet part of a type) and “agency” — having the capacity to act. The events organized by Special Agency are designed to promote the special and the collective and to propose a platform that can support individualist collectivism, exploring the spectrum between the self and communities that we can temporarily belong to.


February 27, 2016


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