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InfraNodus @ Low Text | 07/2018

In July 2018, I presented a live performance that used InfraNodus to demonstrate the process of meaning-formation in time. Words align into sentences, which create structures. As we develop the discourse, these structures form patterns and shapes and we can gradually see how the meaning is created in space and time. The visual feedback of the algorithm allows for an improvisation of a text based on visual coherence. The more we want to make sense, the more connections we make. The more poetic the text becomes, the more gaps and voids emerge in the structure. The audience is invited to make their contributions during the presentation so that the process of a collective text-weaving could be experienced. ...

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Network Analysis @ Bremen University | 10/2015

In October 2015, I hosted a workshop on network analysis at the University of Bremen in Germany. A group of PhDs and master students were interested to learn more about various applications of graph theory, especially in the field of sociology and text analysis. I presented my work on the dynamics of protest groups and artistic communities showing how there is a correlation between the structure of the community and its ability to mobilize. The groups that are more densely connected are the ones that are more susceptible to fads and to infiltration, but they also have a higher mobilizing force [singularity]. Groups that are less densely connected and have so-called small-world structure (distinct interconnected communities that are somewhat connected on the global level) take slower to mobilize, but they are also more resilient [polysingularity]. Groups that are too centralized may be better controlled but are not resilient and will not...

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