Author: agent Paranyushkin

TEDx @ Betahaus Berlin | 12/2010

From the event's description: "Dmitry is a researcher, artist, curator, and media entrepreneur born in Moscow, living in Berlin, and co-working at betahaus. He is the founder of – an online tool to record, share, and discover information using network visualizations. At TEDxKreuzberg Dmitry will speak about various applications of network analysis to research communities and their interactions. What can we find out from one’s social networks, how do they become instruments and instrumentalize the agents, what are the most efficient ways to disseminate information, how do we maintain communities, and how to ensure that networks develop in an innovative, meaningful and sustainable way." Event page on TED Talks website....

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TAMTAMTAM @ Kindl Berlin | 10/2009

TAMTAMTAM was a performance event organized by our platform, PLAYBerlin, inspired by Epic Performance parties started by Eric Green, Brandon Johnson, Sarah Lewis, and Mollie Hosmer-Dillard in Berlin in 2007. Together with the Epic Performance team and PLAYBerlin co-founders Johannes Wengel and Stefan Faerber, we set up an open event that would combine live performance and celebration, in order to bring together practitioners from across the different fields and have a safe space to share energies in whatever shape (finished or unfinished), form, or medium they might appear. TAMTAMTAM lasted from 2009 through 2012, during this time we organized multiple events in bars, clubs, and contemporary dance venues. However, our favorite happening was at the old Kindl Braurei in Berlin where we organized Halloween in 2009 (which was the 6th edition of TAMTAMTAM, under the theme of "Time Travel Went Wrong ••• Large Hadron Collider (Mis)Launch"). It was raw, wild, and honest, full of people...

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