Circadian @ a.p. Berlin | 08/2023

On the 12th of August 2023, I hosted a presentation on Circadian Press — an independent publishing house on practices that we established together with Diego Agullo and Noam Assayag.

I talked about the concept of the project and also presented some of the older and newer books and the practices contained within.

In order to bring those practices to life, we hosted two activation sessions. The first proposition was to find a complete stranger and to use a hypothetical question from The Conversation Book published by Circadian in order to explore each other’s perceptions of life. The second proposition was based on my new book, Ecology of Variability, where I invite the readers to explore various types of dynamics and their relation to environment and space.

Special thanks to a.p. bookstore in Berlin for hosting and Alexander Povaliaev and Anastasia Pilepchuk for the photos.