Bodymind Operating System

This idea came to me right after a 10-day Vipassana retreat in Spring of 2013.

I was switching off internal dialogue but realized that there are always multiple sensations in the body, relations between different parts and areas, so that even when you don’t talk to yourself, there are still patterns that define your movement and feelings from inside.

Then I tried to imagine, what it would be like to consider this as an operating system. The habits, beliefs, various other patterns are the software. The body is the hardware. Once we apply this principle, we can simply rewrite code, get some algorithms also from open-source, reprogram ourselves, and try out various movements and behaviors.

The operating system runs in the body and in the mind, these are just distinctions that let us see how much physical movement is present in every moment of time.

EightOS is a realization of this idea.