Special Agents and Special Agency

The concept of a Special Agency and of a Special Agent is an homage to Derrida, Foucault, Deleuze, and whoever else touched upon the notion of “agency” in their work, also security services and special military personnel.

The first part, “Special”, relates to both “the special that is within you” and also the notion of “species”. You are special because you belong to the species, human species, so you are already part of a certain community by default. At the same time, DNA always has slight deviations, and, coupled with epigenetic factors, there are never two absolutely similar individuals, so whatever it is that is special is what makes us different and it is interesting to explore this as well.

The second part, “Agency”, is a practice of having agency to inscribe imagination into the real and also to act from your own authority in a semi-autonomous way. Too often we don’t say what we really think or don’t fully act on our gut feeling. And it’s important to sometimes follow that agency to explore.

Special Agent’s Manual was published with details of various practices that entail.

Lives were lived.

Games were played.

Special Agency was established as a platform to explore this kind of projects.

Physical practices started.

Certain glossaries were made.