EightOS @ Milano Triennale | 12/2019

In these EightOS sessions, curated by Joel Valabrega at Milano Trienale and hosted together with Kirikoo Des, we wanted to create an experience for the participants to explore the notion of co-isolated multiplicity, both on the level of the body, group interactions, relationship to the space, and music.

Together with the participants, we set up a common body language exploring the notions of confluence and adaptivity — the main tenets of EightOS practice. A surround sound setup created by Kirikoo Des / NSDOS was used to enhance the sonic atmosphere and to provide live feedback to the movement. We also used the sound to modulate group dynamics, playing with the physical sense of cohesion and dispersion as well as the general rhythm.

The sessions took place over a period of several days followed by an open public presentation hosted at Milano Trienale. Our objective was to create a space that replicates the natural processes of multiplicities forming, growing, and dissipating to give rise to the new structures to emerge in their place.

Read more about this session in our EightOS report.

Photos by Paulo Di Giacomo, Videos by EightOS